What do we accept?

SP4CE is licensed to collect waste and pass it on, saving schools money, keeping waste out of landfill, and reducing the carbon footprint of local businesses.  A list of the type of things that we would like to collect is available below.  If your company has any materials, either as a one off or as a regular supply, then we would love to hear from you.  Please contact info@sp4ce.org.uk

2 thoughts on “What do we accept?”

  1. Hello, I’m a writer on my blog Petit Mom about recycling, reusing and cloth nappies to help educate families on landfills and how they can enjoy reducing this with crafts and other ideas. However we still find a lot of waste in our home which could easily be reused. We have a mass collection of plastic bottle tops which I have turned into stamps and use some to teach about size, colour and counting. But we have loads unused and wondered if any of my recyclables would be use to you? I live very close by and my son goes to the nursery behind you.
    Would love to hear from you as reducing waste and having fun are a big part of our lives and my blog.

    1. Hello Helen,

      Pop in and say hello – we’d love to meet you and have a chat! Any donations are gratefully received – however, we are unable to accept them if they have had any foodstuffs inside (washed out or otherwise) due to health & safety.

      Having a good read of your blog now! :)


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