If you like what you see and would like to get creating with our resources all you need to do is fill in the latest version of our membership form here and return it to

Membership prices are as follows:

Family / Artist / Home Tutor


Private / Voluntary / Independent


Other Groups / Childminders


Student (ID required)


School – Less than 200 students


School – 200 or more students


Childrens Centres



Conditions of Membership 

  1. The resource materials shall be used by the member groups only and shall not be resold or exchanged.
  2. Membership cannot be shared between different groups.
  3. If joining as an individual, I guarantee that the materials will be used solely by my family, and me and not by any other group.
  4. Students belonging to colleges, universities or other subscribed institutions must also have individual memberships if using the centre to acquire resources to use for curriculum assessment purposes.
  5. No guarantee of quality or consistency is offered for any items of scrap, as all scrap material supplied is ‘waste material’ and is ‘sold as seen’.
  6. No guarantee can be given as to the regular supply of any item of scrap, as all materials are dependant upon availability from our donors.
  7. Sp4ce operates a fair usage policy.  Maximum amounts to be taken are marked clearly on items.
  8. Whilst we make every effort, no guarantee is offered that scrap materials are clean or safe.  Sp4ce cannot be held responsible for injury caused through the use of our materials.
  9. Sp4ce reserves the right to close without prior notice and to refuse access to any member at any time.
  10. Children are only allowed in Sp4ce provided they are closely supervised at all times by responsible adults.
  11. Membership is only valid for the person or group to whom they have been issued and are not transferable.
  12. Membership cards must be shown when purchasing goods.
  13. Sp4ce retains the right to change membership conditions at any time, without prior notice.
  14. Payment at Sp4ce may be made by invoice, cheque or cash only at this time.
  15. The facility to purchase goods or membership by invoice is normally restricted to schools and local government organisations, upon application.

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