How can you help?

How can we help your business look after the environment and save money?

If you donate your unwanted waste to us, it not only saves energy and resources in making new materials but it’s also free!  We don’t charge you for the waste you donate to us and your company is doing their bit to helping the local community.

Benefits for your business

  • Boosts morale within the workforce – feeling of doing something good.
  • Cut down on waste disposal budgets
  • Reduced landfill waste
  • Might be able to use material donations when working towards ISO 14001 environmental standards management for industry
  • Good business practice for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • As Sp4ce grows it will have the potential to offer pre-employment/apprentices
  • Advertises your company in a positive way within the local community.
  • Helps ‘keep it local’ and shows children (future workforce) the work opportunities available in the borough.

Benefits for the community

  • Children will have access to open ended resources and materials
  • Children will be exposed to inspirational adults who have a clear understanding of creating play opportunities and an environment that inspires creative and independent thinking skills.
  • SPACE’s partnership work with training providers and future plans will offer opportunities for gaining pre-employment skills, volunteering and securing apprenticeships.
  • Sharing best play practice between practitioners and parents.

Want to get involved?

As long as the items you donate are non-toxic and re-usable – we’d love to hear from you. Examples of what we accept are here.

If you are unsure if we’d accept your items – Simply send us a photo or give us a call with details. You can find out contact details here.

Don’t understand how we use your waste? Take a look this.

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